Survey of regional representatives of All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Committee of Voters of Ukraine” on electoral systems in local elections


In February all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Committee of voters of Ukraine” conducted a survey of NGO representatives in regions on electoral systems to be applied in local elections on October 25, 2015. 41 people were interviewed in total.

In addition to questions on what kind of electoral system should be selected for different elections, respondents were offered to justify their choice. Thus we can quote the arguments of experts given to prove their choice. Often respondents gave the same arguments choosing electoral system for different elections, such arguments will appear in report only one time.  

Survey results. Summary.

Experts came to certain consent only on electoral system for elections of village councils` deputies and elections of oblast councils’ deputies. Most respondents chose majoritarian electoral system of relative majority in single-member constituencies for the village councils’ elections and proportional electoral system with open lists for oblast councils’ elections. As for election of deputies to other councils there were different opinions. 

Furthermore most experts support 2 rounds election of heads of local communities, but there were different opinions on the point for which exactly local communities the electoral system of absolute majority should be used.

The arguments used by respondents to justify their choices can be classified to the following categories:

-          Simplicity of electoral system;

-          Minimizing the risks of bribery of voters;

-          Election results are in line with the will of voters;

-          Cheap election budget;

-          Communication between voters and elected deputies;

-          Impact on development of local party structures;

-          Compliance with the coalition agreement