Statement of the Committee of voters of Ukraine based on results of December 15th repeated elections 2013

On December 15th 2013 repeated parliamentary elections were held in five single-mandate constituencies of Ukraine. Committee of voters of Ukraine conducted long term observation of the election process in all 5 election districts. On the E-Day 400 CVU observers worked at polling stations.

Based on the observation results CVU states as following:


Repeated elections of the people's deputies of Ukraine in 5 election districts were held in an environment not consistent with principles and standards of democratic elections.


CVU believes that though Central election commission has legal grounds to establish election results, in certain constituencies (first of all election districts №194 and №223) these results have already been distorted by vote buying during pre-election campaign or on the election day. 


The main problems of the election day CVU determines as follows: vote buying, control over voting, carrying ballot papers out of polling station, presence of unauthorised persons near polling stations or directly inside polling stations, hindering observers' activities.


CVU points out generally unfavourable atmosphere of elections in all 5 districts, because of presence of large number of unauthorised persons near and inside polling stations and premises of District election commissions, blocking of candidate Mykola Bulatetsky's headquarters in election district №194 by law enforcement bodies.


CVU is concerned about unreasoned delay of vote tabulation caused by District election commissions in constituencies №94 and №223 and calls DEC members to establish election results in these constituencies as soon as possible.


CVU call Central election commission to properly consider all complaints that were filed to the commission, and law enforcement bodies — to thoroughly investigate every documented fact of vote buying.


In long term perspective CVU calls to necessary change of election system in Ukraine, as soon it if majority component of the elections that is a main reason of irregularities and political corruption during election processes. 


More detailed information with specific examples of violations may be found on the CVU web-site and also on CVU official page on Facebook -

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