CVU information update as of 20:00

Committee of voters of Ukraine is a non-governmental civic organization which monitors the May 25 elections of the President of Ukraine. On the Election Day 3000 CVU observers work on polling stations.


As a whole, the elections are progressing  according to the established procedures. Elections may be qualified as free and transparent, despite cases of violations and organizational difficulties, especially in districts where simultaneous presidential and local elections are held.

There are only individual cases of serious violations of election procedures, the violations are not systematic.


Individual cases of violations or problems were recorded, such as:


-        non-observance of the procedure of ballot papers delivery to voters

-        polling station 480754, Dniepropetrovsk oblast: commission member did not fill in control sheets of ballot papers when giving the ballot papers to voters, instead, she filled them in later;

-        territorial election district 223, Kyiv – ballot papers given to voters not after receiving their signatures in voters lists, but after another queue;

-        Dniprovsky rayon of Kyiv – cases of giving local elections ballot papers to voters, who put their signatures in voters lists for presidential elections only;

-        polling stations 511175 & 511176, Odesa oblast -  control sheets were filled in with a pencil; Kyiv oblast, Bila Tserkva – a voter without passport received ballot papers;

-        polling station 711070 – ballot papers for presidential and local elections are given to voters of one single voters list;

-        at polling station 461968 head of the commission distributed ballot papers from the safe to commission members not all at a time, as according to the law, but in small portions;


-        non-inclusion of voters to voters lists, inaccuracies in voters lists (multiple cases in different oblasts);


-        illegal inclusion to voters lists

-        polling station 631484, Kharkiv oblast – precinct election commission included voter to the voters list on E-Day based on the court decision of 22.05.2014, while the law does not allow inclusion to voters lists on election day;


-        different number of voters in different voters lists

-        one of Ivano-Frankivsk poling station has 300 more voters  in lists for presidential elections, then in those for parliamentary;

-        in Odesa oblast there are slightly more voters in lists for local elections then for presidential elections;


-        campaigning on E-Day

-        big-boards with relative of candidate V.Konovalyuk calling to vote for him;

-        Mykolaiv oblast – way to polling station 480781 is filled in with P.Poroshenko materials;

-        Kyiv city – poster of one of the candidates placed at poling station 800777, candidate Yozhykov attempted to bring campaigning poster;

-        Nizhyn town of Mykolaiv oblast – police arrested women who placed posters in favour of O.Lyashko;

-        Rivne oblast – many campaigning materials of different candidates not removed by E-Day;

-        at the buiding og polling station 480211, Mykolaiv oblast there were leaflets will a call not to take part in elections);


-        problematic situations

-        polling stations 480679 and 48068, Mykolaiv oblast, are located in the same premises, and some voters by mistake threw ballot papers in wrong ballot box;

-        CVU observers prevented “carousel” at polling station 51439, Vinnytsya oblast, and polling station 711031, Cherkasy oblast;

-        attempt to take ballot papers to another premises was stopped at polling station 800729 with a help of police;

-        secretary of polling station 350252, Kirovohrad oblast, started to prepare commissions' protocols in advance – fill in headings;

-        at two polling stations of Sumy oblast control sheets are still not put into ballot boxes;

-        presence of policemen inside polling station 480749, on other hand policemen are more responsive to violations, in particular prevented some citizens from taking ballot papers out of poling stations;

-        queues remained on many polling stations till closing time, especially in Kyiv city;

-        not enough official of civic, international or candidates' observers at polling stations of Dniepropetrovsk oblast, there are polling stations with not a single observer;

-        official observer of O.Tyagnybok was deprived the right to be present at polling station of election district 88, because he “prevented commission members from exercising their functions by overhanging”;


-        disrupt of election process in Donetsk oblast

-        unidentified individuals breached into polling stations 140030 and stole all ballot papers (1308);

-        according to territorial election commission #62, it can't reach by phone 52 of 82 polling stations;

-        territorial election commissions #56, 57, 60 – election commissions were attacked by armed persons, commission members were intimidated and stopped their work;

-        head of territorial election commission #52 is a self-assigned mayor of Gorlivka town. On the election day he spoke at a meeting and thanked citizens for not taking part in the elections;

-        members of territorial election commissions #41, 42, 45, 54, 55 – commission members either stay at home or conceal themselves;



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