The CVU evaluated voting process at early parliamentary elections.

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine is the all-Ukrainian NGO that has been performing comprehensive monitoring of campaigns in Ukraine in terms of observance of the national legislation and international standards of fair and democratic election by all stakeholders since 1994. From the moment when the snap parliamentary election campaign started, the CVU monitored the election process in all regions of Ukraine.

During the pre-election campaign the CVU held 300 trainings for 33 thousand  polling station commissions members. Educational campaign for voters was held, 400 visits to locations of Ukraine were made, more than 600 thousand samples of printed educational materials distributed.

On the polling day, 4.000 CVU observers work in all regions of Ukraine.


CVU observations based on the voting process monitoring:


  1. The voting procedure was held in a free and transparent atmosphere. The greatest problem were voter’s lists, which were of a unexampled low quality. However these problems infringed rights of all political parties in all regions of Ukraine so they gave no priority to any political party.
  2.  Except voter’s lists the CVU also registered other problems concerning organization of the elections: lack of election ballot papers at polling stations, violation of observers rights to have access to election process, inconsistencies in procedures of checking lists between election commissions and courts, violation of polling stations opening procedures, violation of voting outside of polling stations procedures.
  3. Also the CVU registered some attempts to violate or evade the law made by political parties local HQ. These are the following violations – concealed agitation on the election day, throwing several ballot-papers by the same voter, attempts to buy ballot-papers, influence on exit-polls results. However the CVU has no data on coordinated all-Ukrainian campaigns of mass falsifications of any political force.
  4. At the same time some headquarters provided activities on maximum mobilization of their supporters – telephone calls, sending SMS-messages, transportation, appeals via Mass Media. In case if those actions were not accompanied by agitation the CVU doesn’t see violations in this.
  5. The CVU states that law machinery tried to guarantee defence of voter’s rights during voting. However there were some complaints sent to the CVU that militiamen were permanently present in polling stations premises, which conflicts with election legislation.
  6. The CVU forecasts that situation will become sharp during counting the votes in polling stations, so we ask all observers and commission members not to leave polling stations until the final approval of the protocol. The CVU asks the CEC to publish voting results for each polling station on the Commission web-site as soon as they receive e-protocols, and also to react immediately to any information about falsifications.
  7. According to the CVU information, September 30 evening different political forces start sending their supporters from different regions to Kyiv. The CVU expects that about 50 thousand mass-meeting participants will arrive and asks motor inspection department not to impede the columns of buses arrival if divers and passengers don’t break the law and don’t have weapon.
  8. General nervousness of local headquarters results in unprofessional claims, mutual accusation, often on verge of paranoia, when political opponents are accused of strange and illogical actions.


Press-service of the CVU