Committee of Voters of Ukraine is non-governmental organization which provides monitoring of election processes in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the election campaign on the May 25th early local elections in Ukraine, CVU long-term observers work in 10 regions.



  • The Central Election Commission approved the vast majority of legal acts necessary for implementation of the Law "On Elections of Deputies of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, local councils and village, town and city mayors" (the Law on Local Elections). These acts comply with the Law on Local Elections.
  • The main problem in activities of the territorial election commissions is insufficient material and technical support of their work. Lack of appropriate funding for the local elections, improper supply of materials to TEC in contrast to specified requirements, could have negative affect for organization of the electoral process at local elections. At the same time, local authorities take measures to provide appropriate conditions for election administration work.
  • The composition of election commissions generally wasn't significantly changed (except Kyiv City Election Commission). Individual changes in TECs were caused by either unwillingness of the members to exercise their powers (which leads to statements of relevant commission members on the early termination of their powers) or changes in composition initiated by subjects to nominate candidates to certain TECs.
  • At all local elections candidates for the posts of mayors and for deputies of local councils were registered in terms defined by the law without any violation of election legislation. Those violations that occurred during registration of candidates (in particular it concerns the registration of candidates for mayor L.Orobets and I.Saliy) were corrected by the CEC.
  • Intensity of election campaigning by candidates and local party organizations vary by region. At the same time, campaigning efforts increased significantly after the registration of candidates for the related local elections
  • Similar to the presidential elections local campaign is poor in content and is limited to general slogans.
  • In contrast to the presidential elections, the candidates on local elections use more and more often so-called "black PR", indirect bribery of voters and other unfair methods of campaigning. These cases are getting more prevalent especially in large cities (Kyiv, Odesa etc.), but they haven't become widespread yet.
  • In general, election campaign on the early local elections is held "in the shadow" of the presidential election campaign. Compliance local elections to democratic standards is largely determined by the quality of PECs' work,  which will provide preparation for the presidential elections, will conduct voting at the early presidential and early local elections, will tabulate the results at the polling stations and will transfer voting documentation to the relevant higher-level commissions.


The full version of the report is available in Ukrainian by the link