79% of Ukrainian parties officially do not have any employees, - CVU

79% of Ukrainian parties do not have any officially employed person (data according to the party reports on property, income, expenses and financial liabilities for the 2nd quarter of 2018).

216 political parties did not mention any employee. Among the well-known parties with empty offices are party "5.10", "KMKS" Hungarian Party of Ukraine, "Zastup", "Vinnitsa European Strategy".

Some of the well-known parties indicated only a few workers. Thus, in the central office of party "Za Zhyttia" of Vadym Rabinovich officially employed 3 people, the party "Osnova" of Serhii Taruta has 4 employees, "Svoboda" - 5.

Among the parliamentary parties, the largest number of employees has the party Samopomich – 257. The next one is the Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko, it has 136 employees, Batkivshchyna – 78, BPP Solidarity – 45, Opposition Bloc – 43, Narodny Front – 32.

Officially, the most employees among Ukrainian parties has the party Yednist – 317.

 “In addition to the fact that 79% of the parties do not have official employees, 47% of the parties also do not have any local organizations with the status of legal entities. This points to the weakness of the parties on the field and the concentration of party life exclusively in Kyiv. Also, these figures indicate a significant percentage of shadow money in political parties. De facto, some of the well-known parties continue to hide official employees from the NAPC. They also hide the activities of their branches without giving them legal status, and therefore avoiding reporting to the NAPC,“ said the head of the CVU Oleksii Koshel.

 “As for parties with the biggest number of employees, there are some surprises here. In particular, it is the party Yednania and the Christian Movement parties, which officially employed several hundred people, but they all are volunteers. Most likely, the parties made mistaken in completing their reports, which once again raises questions about the ability of parties to comply qualitatively with the requirements of the law, " added Mr Koshel.