The press conference of the CVU “Six months before the local elections, new players and old problems” was held

On Monday, April 27, 2015, the press conference of the Committee of voters of Ukraine “Six months before the local elections, new players and old problems” was held. Key conclusions of a survey of regional CVU representatives were presented at the event.

Six months before the next local elections political parties and local politicians are in full pre-election campaign mode. The most active work in preparation for the election is conducted by Petro Poroshenko Block and Samopomich Union. There are public receptions of PPB working in 11 oblasts and public receptions of Samopomich - in 9 oblasts. Both parties organize different events: cleaning areas, planting wayside trees, children's art exhibitions, fundraising for equipment for children's hospitals, charity events etc.

Help for ATO soldiers and for volunteers is a top topic of messages of the most parties. On the eve of Easter regional party organizations conducted different events to support the army: sending  Easter cakes and Easter eggs organized by Batkivschyna in Chernivtsi oblast; action “Easter for soldier” conducted by PPB in Kherson oblast; installation of 14 four-meter high crosses along the front line with the support of Samopomich etc. There were no actions like that held by the Opposition bloc (the assistance is provided for IDPs).

In some oblasts the process of establishing regional parties was started. In Cherkasy oblast the intention to create a party was announced by the "Unity of local communities – Cherkasy residents", which consists of local politicians and owners of agricultural holdings in the oblast. In Odesa oblast active work in preparation for local elections is held by party “Doviriay dilam” (Trust actions), the name of which is similar to pre-election slogan of Odesa mayor H. Trukhanov. In Kharkiv mayor H. Kernes announced possible establishment of a regional party.

During the event CVU recommended to return a provision permitting establishment of election blocks; called on parties and politicians to stop speculation about elections in Kyiv and to stop using the topic of helping ATO for self-promotion.


Press release “Six months before the local elections, new players and old problems”