Press briefing «The main problems before the Election day: CVU assessment»

A briefing of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine was held: "Main problems before the voting day: CVU assessment". The event was supported by the European Union. The views expressed are not the EU's position.

During the briefing, the CVU report on the results of long-term observation was published.

CVU Chairman Oleksiy Koshel noted that the number of candidates is almost the same as the number of candidates in 2015, but there are many more parties. This is due to the fact that in Ukraine there are regional parties that nominate candidates only in a certain region or in a particular city.

One of the main problems of the campaign was the use of shadow funds and the use of violence and black PR against candidates.

The key differences from 2015, which were highlighted in the CVU, are the active use of electoral tourism, which began as a result of changes in legislation and citizens were able to change their electoral address. As a consequence, election results in some communities may be falsified.

The problem of use of violence and the destruction of campaign materials of competitors is important. For example, in the Kharkiv region, the car of a «European Solidarity» candidate was set on fire, it is the 11th case of violence against candidates during the election campaign.

Oleksiy Koshel underscored the problem, that of election administrators refusing to come home to people who are unable to come to the polls due to their health condition because they perceive unsafe to their health. The key problem is that the state has not adequately funded personal protective equipment for election administrators. We can observe how the state has removed itself from solving this problem and each election administrator must think how to protect themselves.

Nataly Lynnyk gave some important advice for voters. First of all, she underscored the importance of coming to the polls and making your choice. Voters should not allow "blind" voting, that is necessary to know all the information about the candidates and make their choice consciously. It is better to choose a candidate in advance to spend less time at the polling station and expose yourself less to danger.

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The event was supported by the European Union. The views expressed are not the EU's position.

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