CVU has rated TOP-10 absurd decisions of Regional Councils

Since the beginning of work of Regional Councils in October 2015 they have adopted 200 decisions beyond the limits of authority determined by law. Some of them are absurd. Among the TOP-10 most odious decisions of the Regional Council:

1. The regulation of human organ transplantation (Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council: a decision №648-18/2017);

2. Solving the issue of handling genetically modified organisms (Vinnitsa Regional Council: decision №940, 2015 р.);

3. Increase the size of the minimum pension (Khmelnitsky Regional Council: decision №12-11/2017);

4. Return of the graphs of "nationality" in the state registration documents (Lviv Regional Council: decision №512, 2017 р.);

5. Detection of anti-Ukrainian sentiments in Polish society (Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council: decision №389-12/2016);

6. The requirement for the re-election of the mayor of Kryvy Rih (Kyiv Regional Council: decision №015-01-VII);

7. Appeal to A. Parubia for the removal of inviolability of MPs (Vinnitsa Regional Council: decision №456);

8. Solving the issue of the right of citizens on possession of weapons (Zhytomyr Regional Council: decision №855 від 02.11.17);

9. Dismissal from the post of Minister of Culture Nishchuk E. (Одеська облрада: рішення №331-VII), dismissal of the Chairman of the National Bank of Gontareva V. (Volyn Regional Council: decision №10/71 від 02.02.17);

10. Implementation of mechanisms for customs clearance of automobiles (Cherkasy Regional Council: decision №16-50/VII).

The above mentioned appeals were supported by the deputy corps and passed to the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet and the President.


Information prepared within the framework of the "Doslivno" project.