The leading parties indicated in the financial statements empty offices, - CVU

The CVU has analyzed the finansial reports of political parties on property, income, expenses and financial obligations for the first quarter of 2018. According to the information received a number of known parties declared virtually empty offices. That means that they didn’t indicated in reports workers who worked for them.

Among the parties with empty central offices are The party "For Life" by Vadim Rabinovich, "Nash kray", "Democratic Alliance", "Svoboda", "Citizen Position" by Anatoly Gritsenko.

As of March 2018, no person is working in the central apparatus of the party "For Life" by Vadim Rabinovich, 5 people work in the central apparatus of party "Svoboda", "Democratic Alliance" - 1 person, "Civil position" - 3 people, " Nash kray " - " 2 people. Information on the Civic Position and Nash Kray parties according to the reports for 2017, as there are no reports for the first quarter of 2018 on party websites and NAPCs.

At the same time, some parties showed a significant number of employees in regional offices. Thus, in report of "Democratic Alliance" 46 employees are listed in oblast, city and district structures.

The Agrarian Party and UKROP indicated quite realistic figures: 34 and 16 employees in the central offices  respectively.

The number of official staff in parliamentary parties is significantly higher. The largest number of people is in the central apparatus of "Self-help" - 217. In the Radical Party of Oleh Lyashko employed 132 people, "Fatherland"  - 71, BPP - 47, "Opposition Bloc" - 42, "People's Front" - 31.

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