CVU’s briefing: “5 days before the election: main trends, threats, risks”

With the support of EU, the all-Ukrainian public organization "Committee of Voters of Ukraine" a briefing on the topic: "5 days before the election: main trends, threats, risks" was held.

The main threats and risks that emerged on the eve of the election were discussed at the event. In particular, imperfections in the procedure for changing the electoral address create risks for fraud, as a potentially fictitious voter has the opportunity to vote simultaneously in several constituencies for a particular party. The CVU received a number of reports from its observers, who reported unnatural population growth in selected regions and local communities, sometimes reaching 20% of the total population. For example, in Karolino-Bugazka OTG (Odessa region) there was an increase of 513 voters in a month, therefore, if the turnout in this OTG is 40%, then every fourth vote is the vote of the "election tourist". The probable consequence of such technology is a distortion of the election results given the low voter turnout. In such areas where population growth is observed, patrols need to be stepped up to prevent mass disturbances.

The main problem of the election period is voter bribery. This violation is recorded in one third of the regions of Ukraine. The most common form of bribery is the distribution of any products to voters, including masks and disinfectants. In the Lviv region, branded masks with the candidate's logo were distributed in Davydivska OTG. Masks with the party's logo were distributed and left in mailboxes in Kyiv.

The CVU has fixed an increase in violence and the use of inadequate communications in the last days before the election. For example in Rivne black propaganda material was circulated against the candidate "For the Future" by distributing newspapers with the inscription "For the Future of Igor Kolomoisky", in Kharkiv region an agitator from European Solidarity has been attacked.

Based on a comprehensive analysis, CVU observers identified the two most problematic regions in the elections - Zakarpattia and Odesa regions. This conclusion takes into account a number of factors, in particular, the facts of bribery, the facts of violence, "election tourism". The CVU emphasizes the need for increased attention of the media, observers and law enforcement agencies to these areas in order to avoid mass violations on election day.

CVU announced the opening of an international media center, which will start operating on October 21, 2020. Its purpose is to assist international observer missions to monitor elections remotely. The CVU's educational activities on social networks were presented at the event, in particular, the creation of a thematic page on Facebook "Local 2020" and in Tik-Tok to involve young people in the election process.

Reference information:
The monitoring be the CVU takes place thanks to financing from the European Union, within the framework of the project "Independent monitoring the 2020 Ukraine local elections with the engagement of international networks of the observers at elections and awareness & mobilization campaign of the voters".

For additional information please turn to Serhii Maksymenko,, on the CVU site or by phone +38 068 3702064