66% of MPs occupy management positions in the Committees of the Verkhovna Rada, - CVU

66% of MPs occupy management positions in the Committees of the Verkhovna Rada. 251 of total 416 MPs are chairpersons, first deputies, deputies, secretaries or heads of subcommittees.

In the Committee on Culture and Spirituality 100% of deputies are formally heads. In addition to the chairman, first deputy, deputy and secretary within the Committee, there are three subcommittees that also have their chairmen.

In the Committee on Social Policy - 88% of deputies (7 out of 8 deputies) have management positions, Employment and Pensions - 83% (5 out of 6), the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Committee on Family, Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism Affairs and the Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship - 80% (8 out of 10).

The least leaders are in the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations - 33% (10 out of 30 deputies) and the Committee on Economic Policy - 44% (7 out of 16).

"The situation in the Verkhovna Rada committees confirms that a significant part of MPs suffer from illness of striving to occupy management position, which involves excessive enthusiasm for regalia. Therefore, within the framework of the parliamentary reform, it is necessary not only to reduce the number of committees, but also radically change the approach to the development of their structure ", - said the head of the CVU Oleksiy Koshel.

Paradoxically, despite a significant number of MPs in secondary posts, one third of the committees do not have official heads.


Information prepared within the project "Doslivno"