CVU held a briefing on the results of the second round of elections

CVU findings on E-Day on April 21:
  1. According to the CVU, Election Day was generally conducted in accordance with the standards of fair and free elections. Compared to the first round of elections, the number of violations slightly decreased.
  2. The CVU's official observers recorded a number of violations of election legislation on election day, but these violations were not systemic in nature and were not such as to have a significant impact on the results of the will of the citizens.
  3. Among the detected problems: campaigning on the election day, issuing ballots without proper identification documents, disclosure of the secrecy of voting, errors in the work of election commissions. Compared to the first round of elections, the number of cases of disclosure of the secrecy of voting has decreased. In some cases, CVU recorded the use of such unfair technologies as a transportation of citizens to the polling stations and the attempt to cary ballots outside the polling stations. These facts were of a single nature.
  4. On the eve and the election day, observers of the CVU recorded a significant number of materials with signs of agitation. Such materials are actively distributed in social networks. In particular, on election day, users of the Instagram network could observe targeted advertising from the page "Team of Zelensky" with the inscription "There are left X hours to change the course of history." In addition, CVU observers from all regions of Ukraine reported the presence of outdoor advertising (billboards, citylights) with signs of propaganda materials by P. Poroshenko and V. Zelensky. The CVU indicates an increase in the number of illegal campaigning on the day of silence and Election Day compared to the first round of elections.
  5. A feature of Election Day was the active dissemination of manipulative information on the changing rules for filling in ballots in social networks. In particular, it was pointed out that when filling out the ballot, you need not only to vote for one of the candidates, but at the same time to cross out the name of the other or put other marks in front of his name. CVU emphasizes that such actions could lead to the invalidation of ballot papers.
  6. Part of the problems were related to the low level of preparation of members of election commissions. In particular, some commissions detected attempts to issue ballots to citizens on the basis of inappropriate documents (pension certificates, driving licenses, foreign passports). This problem appeared predominantly in rural areas. Also, as in the first round of elections, there were facts about the incorrect interpretation of the current legislation by the members of the election commissions on the use of identity cards for the identification of voters.
  7. According to the CVU, compared to the first round, the number of observers at polling stations has decreased significantly. In particular, this situation took place in Mykolayiv, Cherkassy, ​​Luhansk, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhzhya, Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky, Sumy regions. At the same time, the official number of registered observers before the other round increased slightly. Thus, 83,230 observers were registered from non-governmental organizations, 6,226 from the presidential candidates. However, there were fewer people actually working at the polling stations. It should be borne in mind that public organizations and presidential candidates did not need to re-register observers before the second round.
  8. The CVU generally welcome the activities of the Central Election Commission and law enforcement agencies in preventing violations on the day of voting. On Election Day, the CEC exercised its activities in compliance with the provisions of the electoral law. Law-enforcement agencies properly ensured law and order at polling stations and responded to violations of electoral law.
Звіт КВУ за результатами довгострокового спостереження за підготовкою до чергових виборів Президента України (1-21 квітня 2019 р.) - завантажити тут