CVU briefing: “Main issues on voting day: CVU assessment”

A briefing of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine was held: "The main problems of election day: CVU assessment". The event was supported by the European Union. The views expressed are not the EU's position.

At the briefing, the CVU published a report on the results of monitoring the voting day.

CVU experts noted the most serious problem as of 6 pm - the problem of voter bribery. During the preparation of the election campaign, the technologies of bribery and the facts of voter bribery were repeatedly encountered: distribution of products, money, means of protection. The main number of violations were the subjects of the election process before the official registration of candidates.

It is noted that on election day there are facts of bribery or attempts to organize bribery technologies. In the Odesa region, 4 buses were seen transporting people to vote in other settlements: to the city of Belgorod-Dniester, to the town of Zatoka. These were technologies ofchanging the election address. There is evidence that these voters were offered UAH 400 each to come and vote centrally.

In Cherkasy region, the fact of transporting voters to the polling station was recorded. In the Dnipropetrovsk region, observers noted that voters were offered to vote for one of the political forces for a fee of 200 UAH, representatives of the National Police were called, and a corresponding act was drawn up. The violators escaped. The facts of transporting voters to the polling station were also recorded in Donetsk region, organized by the "Opposition Platform - For Life". CVU experts noted that the technology of transportation is often a component of voter bribery.

There were reports of ballots being taken outside the polling station, which is part of the “carousel” technology. Such facts were registered in Zhytomyr and Cherkasy regions, in the city of Dnipro.

The second problem is the facts of attempted falsification and the facts of falsification. CVU observers recorded the fact that a voter was forced to vote by a medical worker in Dnipropetrovsk region. The fact of telling the voter the ballot box where to vote is noticed, as well as the fact that the medical worker takes the ballot from the voter and lowers it to the ballot box. A similar situation occurred in Zakarpattya. The theft of one hundred ballots was also revealed, which may also indicate attempts to falsification. In the Donetsk region, a voter noticed that the ballot paper already had marks for voting. The CVU noted that the briefing at 12 o'clock focused on some kinds of violations, and as of 18 o'clock the openly criminal nature of election violations is evident.

The briefing also raised the issue of spoiling ballots due to typographical errors or misunderstanding of voters on how to fill them out. This led to the loss of some votes.

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The event was supported by the European Union. The views expressed are not the EU's position.